Dear friend on the path:

Thank you for your interest in our community.  We welcome your visit at anytime.  As your “Cyber Bodhisattva” I will try to answer your questions here.  And if you would like to reach me  for further questions, please email me at

Answers to your Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. The schedule is on our Home Page and is accurate.
  2. There is street parking and a few spots at the Eastside center.  Parking is ample at the Southside location.
  3. Anyone can drop in at anytime for open meditation sessions.  There is no need to have familiarity with meditation, introduce yourself and the group will guide you on how to participate.
  4. We sit on cushions or chairs if you prefer.  There is no set way.  We accommodate those with special needs.  (We have even had blind people participate in our walking meditation.)
  5. Wear clothing that is comfortable for you.
  6. Open meditation sessions are funded by your kind donations. Please participate with us regardless.  Some Meditation Classes have fees that are strictly used to fund our center. Check the class information page for the sign up details.
  7. The Thursday Morning Mind/Body Columbia St. Mary’s group meets at our East Side location, not at CSM.  You do not need to be a CSM employee to join that session.
  8. Most of our groups are free but donations are accepted. The Mindfulness Center exists through the generosity of our members.

Again, you can email me as indicated above with more questions.  Thank you for your interest, we hope you will join us soon.